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Dog Soldiers DVDRip/ENG

Dog Soldiers |DVDRip| 700 MB

During the training-training operation conducted in the Scottish forests, a detachment of six British (four of whom did not fire youths) becomes the object of hunting for the pack of werewolves. Converting standing alone in the forest often rustic cottage in the last bastion of defense, the surviving soldiers are not an equal fight with monsters.
Alpha Prime (ENG/RePack)

Alpha Prime |PC| 250 mb

Abandoned mine called Alpha Prime is fraught with many dangers and secrets! Guess they will have for you ... you are circling in orbit with a girl by Libya, but the secrets of the mines lure you down. It's time to know who looks at you from the depths of what is terrible Holocaust on the skin!
Penumbra Overture (ENG)

Penumbra Overture |PC| 326 MB

Horror Games - a special genre. Perhaps most important to them - the atmosphere. However, until recently, the action horror game has been constrained by technical limitations, which filled gameplay offensive cliche. The whole nightmare sometimes boiled down to a predictable "and they are ca-a-ak jump.
JetFighter 2015 (PC)

JetFighter 2015 |PC| 363 MB

Player receives a unique opportunity to step back in 2015, to strike a decisive blow in the war against global terrorism. Odious terrorist leader in hiding in South America, where already made strong links with local drug lords who are helping him in his subversive activities.
D.I.R.T: Origin of the Species RIP/PC/ENG

D.I.R.T |PC| 260mb

The story begins like a typical horror film. The company sent eight friends to a party at the wrong place for this - Nevada desert. It was there, on the fateful combination of circumstances, is a secret base, where scientists have conducted tests of the mysterious
Skyscraper (PC/2009/ENG)

Skyscraper |PC| 256 MB

Evening at the Tiger Group: Chemical Science Chris Wilson finds himself coming out of the elevator when it stops at the quaint 20 th floor.
UFO Extraterrestrials Gold Edition (PC/2010/ENG)

UFO Extraterrestrials |PC| 2.1 GB

UFO: Extraterrestrials GOLD is the new gold edition, which includes a number of changes and improvements, giving the player new look at classic games: new maps to rent Soldatov, Globe UFO flocks and configuration.
Ford Racing 2 PC

Ford Racing 2 |PC| 224 MB

Ford Racing 2 - is devoted to cars mark "Ford". This game takes you through the history of this company. However, unlike the usual scenario of such games, when new machines arrive at your disposal in order of their freshness, they are not divided by year issue, and for other purposes.
Knights of the Temple: Infernal Crusade (PC)

Knights of the Temple: Infernal Crusade |PC| 1.55 GB

Europe. 12-th century AD. The dark, vaguely human race is going through an era - an era of sinners and saints, saints and pagans, witches and fools the prophets.
Septerra Core - Legacy of the Creator (PC/ENG)

Septerra Core |PC| 620 MB

The game develops in the field very exotic and remarkable. Septerra - a planet in the uncharted expanses of space, consisting of seven layers. These layers represent the continents, floating above the surface of the core (Core) at different heights and connected to the axle.