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Police Destruction Street (PC/Eng)

Police Destruction Street |PC| 64,40 MB

Police Destruction Street - an exciting arcade game from Play-Publishing. The city streets are teeming with criminals and crazy drivers.Your task is to catch them all as quickly as possible and return under arrest.Only you - the brave police force to stop riots by!

GearGrinder |PC|

You were released from prison, provided that you take a very risky job. And work just deadly, since you are involved in the death of races, competing with other riders on board the truck which is located maybe a artsklad: machine guns, heavy guns, rocket launcher short-range, blasters, shotguns. The main rule of the game: scatter the opponent to smithereens!
Shadowgrounds Survivor

Shadowgrounds Survivor |PC| 1.01 GB

Shadowgrounds Survivor - the continuation of science-fiction blockbuster Shadowgrounds. The main characters - three earthlings: the last survivors in a hot battle with the attackers to Earth by aliens.
Fate The Traitor Soul (PC/ENG/2009)

Fate The Traitor Soul |PC| 245,02 MB

Once again, the dark dungeons and caves are threatening fantasy world Feith. Meet face to face and defeat the risk you can by downloading the game ŤFate: The Traitor Soulť, which is a remarkable Diablo-like RPG with a choice of race and class character.
Nasza Niania Jest Agentem / Spy Next Door (2010) DUBBiNG PL

Nasza niania jest agentem
Opowiedziana z wielkim rozmachem, pełna nieoczekiwanych zwrotów akcji komedia sensacyjna z szalonym Jackie Chanem to doskonała rozrywka dla całej rodziny.
Spiderz (ENG/PC)

Spiderz |PC| 16.5 MB

Spiders - this is a great toy for a slew of time. Objective: To unravel the hapless spiders, which are tied to each other by two or more gossamer.
Chrome : Specforce Full Game (PC/ENG)

Chrome : Specforce Full Game |PC| 1.18 Gb

Distant future. The expansion of mankind into space continues. All new and new worlds merge with the Federation, and all the more difficult it becomes to keep them under control.
Dark Parables: Curse of Briar Rose (2010/ENG/PC)

Dark Parables |PC| 217,26 MB

New game from Big Fish Games, combining elements of the quest and the genre "I'm looking for." Tale of Sleeping Beauty has ended sadly. The prince kissed her, but the princess did not wake.
Speedboat Attack (ENG/PC)

Speedboat Attack |PC| 12,65MB

This is not a game, but a fairy tale! Gulls in the sky, turquoise sea, palm trees, blue sky ...
Day of the Zombie (2009/ENG)

Day of the Zombie |PC| 966,94 MB

Download the game ŤDay of the Zombieť, whose main character - a student, commando and steward College Fenkott Memorial. Once the horde of zombies captured the college and its surrounding territory, which were soon encircled by the military, in the midst of dust-found themselves three of our heroes. A lot of whether they have a chance to get out alive with this trouble?
Build it! Miami Beach Resort (ENG/PC)

Miami Beach Resort |PC| 80MB

In the game Build It! Miami Beach Resort, you will need to create your own beach in the area of Miami Beach. Each level represents a new year since 1920 and every year changing art decor of hotels, cinemas, restaurants. You design everything as you like! Tasks become more complex with each level.Make your resort's most popular in Miami!
Strength and Honour 2 (ENG/2009)

Strength and Honour 2 |PC| 1.90 GB

Great ancient empires - Rome and Carthage, China in the Qin Dynasty, Ellada period of active colonialist expansion ... Manage these giants was a force of only a very remarkable person.

DIE HARD |PC| 404 Mb

Christmas Eve. Terrorists seized the office, which is your wife, and demand a ransom of hundreds of millions of dollars. Their plan is perfect, and they certainly get their ... If you do not intervene - John McLane, a police officer and a real toughie!
Private Eye (2009)

Private Eye |PC| 84,40 MB

A nefarious secret society known only as the Enigma Society has been causing trouble around the world and it's up to you to unravel the mystery surrounding them.
GM Rally (2009/PC)

GM Rally |PC| 668,97MB

The virtual test for these cars! Fleet to suit all tastes - from small-town beauties to the most powerful all-terrain vehicles, contemptuously looked down on the roads - is ready to enter the track. What kind of car would come first, ahead of rivals in the uncompromising contest? Choose a car, determine its characteristics and forward - to victory in the GM Rally!



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