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Lost Horizon (Repack/pc/2010)

Adventure / Repack / PC / 2010

1936: Soldiers of the Third Reich roam the world seeking occult weapons for their insane plans of conquest. When Fenton Paddock, a former British soldier and hapless smuggler, is asked to look for his friend Richard, who went missing in Tibet, he has no idea that this search will lead him across three continents to a secret that could turn the whole world upside down. Enough mystery? Not in the mood for another crime story? "Lost Horizon" brings the classic adventure back to its roots: the 1930s, exotic settings all over the world, and the dangerous quest for one of the greatest secrets of mankind makes adventurers' hearts beat faster. The Makers of the award-winning Secret Files series invite you to experience a technically outstanding, carefully designed game featuring an absolutely thrilling story at the side of Kim and Fenton.
Death at a Funeral (2007) BRRip x264 - [352 MB]

Death at a Funeral (2007) BRRip x264 - [352 MB]
Language: English
86 Min | 648 x 354 | x264 432Kbps | 25.000 fps | BRrip | AAC – 48KHz | 352 MB
Genre: Comedy

Aaron's father's funeral is today at the family home, and everything goes wrong: the funeral home delivers the wrong body; a cousin gives her fiance a Valium from her brother's apartment, not knowing her brother is dealing drugs - it's LSD and the fiance arrives at the funeral wildly stoned; Aaron's younger brother, Ryan, a successful writer, flies in from New York broke but arrogant; one uncle is angry over his daughter's choice of boyfriends, and the other is cranky and coarse. Add an ovulating wife, a jealous ex-boyfriend, and a short stranger who wants a word with Aaron - what could he want? Would another death solve Aaron's problems? And what about the eulogy?
Day Watch (2006) DvDrip XviD - [800 MB]

Day Watch (2006) DvDrip XviD - [800 MB]
English | 145 mins | 612 x 258 | 25fps | Xvid | MP3 - 131kbs | 800 MB
Genre: Action | Fantasy | Thriller

Anton belongs to the Forces of the Light as well as his powerful girlfriend and apprentice, but his son is a powerful teenager from the Darkness and Anton protects him. When the balance between Light and Darkness is affected by the death of some evil vampires, Anton is framed and accused of the murders, and he chases an ancient chalk that has the power of changing the destiny of its owner.

House Sezon 7 lektor (Odc.5)


Tytuł: Dr House Sezon 7
Odcinek: s07e5
Jakość: HDTV Xvid
Rozmiar: 350 Mb
Lektor PL : Tak
Darmowy Download : Hotfile & fileserve


Dr House (ang. House; House, M.D.) – amerykański medyczny serial telewizyjny produkowany dla stacji telewizyjnej FOX, który zadebiutował na antenie 16 listopada 2004 roku. hotfile download Jego niekonwencjonalne podejście, bezbłędny instynkt i potrzeba rozwiązywania najbardziej skomplikowanych zagadek medycznych sprawia, że skierowane do niego zostają przypadki, z którymi inni lekarze nie mogą sobie poradzić. Do pomocy house 7 lektor Do tej pory wyemitowano sześć sezonów, a premierę siódmego w Stanach Zjednoczonych. Lekarze muszą zdiagnozować napady drgawkowe u mężczyzny cierpiącego na agorafobię. Nie chce on pojechać do szpitala

UWAGA! Uwaga download z Hotfile & Fileserve
Medal of Honor. Limited Edition (2010)

Medal of Honor. Limited Edition | PC | 4.16 Gb

These soldiers have no equal. They are - professionals - the best of the best. How many of them - is not precisely known, but hardly more than a few hundred. They report directly to the command of U.S. armed forces. They are referred to only in the hottest point and assign tasks to successfully execute that beyond the power of anyone else. They - the elite soldiers of the Tier 1 Operators. Introduced in Medal of Honor single player campaign was developed in close cooperation with the veterans and current members of the Tier 1 division. It is based on real events, which told the participants.
Project of Planets v 1.1.015 (MMORPG/2010/PC)

Project of Planets v 1.1.015 | PC | 1.18 GB

The newest online game Project of Planets! In the not too distant future, mankind has exhausted its resources, and begin the incredible battle for power in which prinmaet involved lots of people and nations. But from the heavens descends mechminds Army, who was watching for a long time for developments. These beings are destroying the ozone layer, which threatens loss of all living creatures, including man ...
The Sims 3: Late Night (2010/Multi)

The Sims 3: Late Night | PC | 6,76 GB

ŤThe Sims 3 In the twilight" will give players the opportunity to immerse your head in the nightlife of the city - to visit the cool clubs, rubbing around celebrities and movie stars for incendiary parties, sit in the bar after work to shake the audience's own performance group, splash in the Jacuzzi and find out what lurking in the dark when the sun sets and dusk city streets adventures begin.
Sammys Adventure the Secret Passage

Sammys Adventure the Secret Passage | DVDRip | 700 MB

For a small turtle underwater world - the safest place. Here, sharks, piranhas, snakes, and on the shore waiting for people. And our little Sammy wants to know the whole world, from polar ice to the subtropics. Journey will last exactly half a century, since 1959, during which time even the climate will have time to change.
Lottery Ticket (DVDRip/Eng)

Lottery Ticket | DVDRip | 1.2 GB

Jackpot in the lottery on the eve of July 4 Kevin Carson will not only survive the long weekend, hiding the tickets from the many jealous, but to decide how to wisely spend an incredible $ 370,000,000.
Evochron Mercenary (PC) 2010

Evochron Mercenary | PC | 218 MB

The latest and most advanced game in the series Evochron, which incorporates all the juices of the benefits of the previous parts, as well as the many innovations and improvements. Features of the entire series Evochron - a realistic model of the behavior of ships in space, as well as entirely open world in which the player decides how he behave. In addition to traveling through outer space, you will be able to descend to the surface of many planets to a lively trade and bloody war.
Grown Ups 2010 Bluray 720p DTS x264-CHD

Grown Ups | Bluray | 720p | 5 GB

Thirty years after graduation, five good friends once again come together for a weekend on the occasion of Independence Day.
Bloodline Champions PC (2010)

Bloodline Champions | PC | 285,55 Mb

There is only you and your opponent, no intermediaries in the face of boring writers
annoying NPC and traders.
The Killing Machine (2010/DVDRip)

The Killing Machine | DVDRip | 1.22 GB

There were those who called him Icarus. Everyone else knew him as a divorced father working for an investment company. But they didnt know his other side-his dark side. Because Icarus was at his best when he was killing people. For years, hed worked as a sleeper agent in America-but when the Soviet Empire collapsed, he found himself in a foreign country with no one to trust. Determined to break from his dark past, he started over with a new identity.
Born to Raise Hell (2010/DVDRip)

Born to Raise Hell | PC | 706 MB

Bobby never needs to be superfluous trusteeship, he needs no companions, no cover, because it is a secret agent of Interpol. " He visited all the hot spots, and always from any grinder out unharmed. At this time it may get different ...
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (ENG)

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World | DVDRip | 1,401 MB

Scott Pilgrim found the girl of his dreams. But his path is more difficult: to meet with her, Scott will have to defeat her seven ex-and very evil guys.



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